Easify: A SaaS tool to manage expense



This is a pretty short summary of this project.

If you consider it interesting, you can read the whole report HERE.




As a personal project of a UX/UI Bootcamp, the goal was to create an MVP of an expense management SaaS tool.




Week 1: Be ready and research. Start contacting people (Linkedin, Networking, etc) to know what SaaS tools they use and what problems they have with (if any).

Week 2: Design the MVP based on the research: a final prototype in high fidelity with main features and user workflows defined.




Ux Research, empathizing, ideation, prototyping, testing, iteration and UI.

Pens, Sharpies, paper, Post-its (tons of them), Sketch and Invision.




Human-centred Design Process.

There were two very different points of view related to expenses management:

–  The point of view of the worker who makes the expense and has to prove that this expense is real.

–  The Manager who is in charge of checking and approving the expense.

So I had to take into consideration both users, and of course, it meant to interview people representative of the two sides.

Insights gathered with qualitative data (8 interviews with workers and 3 HR managers).